Verizon Student Discount: Save Big On Phones and Plans Now!

As a study adviser, I understand the financial challenges that many students face today. Paying for tuition, textbooks, and housing can be overwhelming, not to mention the cost of keeping in touch with friends and family through phone and internet services. In this post, I will discuss Verizon’s Student Discount Program, which can help alleviate the financial burden for students. This program offers a benefit exclusively for students and can save them money on their phone and plan. So, let’s explore how this program works and how it can help you save money.

What is Verizon student discount?

Verizon offers a discount program for qualifying students. This program provides eligible students with savings on their monthly phone plan and devices. To qualify for this program, the student has to meet specific criteria and submit proof of eligibility. The Verizon Student Discount Program is a great opportunity for students to cut down on expenses, stay connected and save some money.

How to qualify for the discount?

To qualify for the Verizon Student Discount program, you must meet specific requirements. Students need to provide proof of eligibility by verifying their status through the Verizon website. The eligibility criteria for this discount program may vary according to the student’s institution or location.

Typically, to be eligible for this discount, you must be an active enrolled student at an accredited US college or university. Keep in mind that not all schools are eligible, and you may need to provide additional documentation.

Once you have verified your eligibility, Verizon will inform you of your status and, if approved, apply the discount to your account. It is important to note that this discount is applied only to the primary account and cannot be combined with other promotional offers.

Tips for using Verizon student discount

Here are some tips to help you make the most out of the Verizon Student Discount Program:

  • Choose the right plan: Verizon offers a variety of phone plans. Be sure to choose the one that suits your needs without paying for features you don’t need.
  • Choose the right devices: Verizon offers a wide selection of devices, including the latest smartphones. While it may be enticing to choose the newest device, keep in mind that it may come with a higher cost. Choose a device that meets your needs without exceeding your budget.
  • Keep track of your data usage: While Verizon offers unlimited data plans, be mindful of your data usage. Streaming videos and browsing heavy graphics may consume more data than you realize. Keeping track of your data usage can help you avoid overage fees and save more money.
  • Renew your discount: Verizon requires that you renew your student discount every year. Be sure to keep track of the renewal date and submit the required documentation to continue enjoying the discount.

By following these tips, you can maximize the benefits of Verizon’s Student Discount Program and save money on your monthly phone plan and devices.

Alternatives to Verizon student discount

Verizon isn’t the only company offering discounts to students. Here are some other alternatives to Verizon student discount you may find helpful:

  • AT&T student discount: AT&T offers a discount program for qualified students. As with Verizon, you need to check the eligibility criteria before applying.
  • T-Mobile student discount: T-Mobile offers a discount program for students who meet specific requirements. The program provides rate discounts and other benefits to qualified students.
  • Sprint student discount: Sprint offers discounts to students who meet specific requirements. The discounts vary based on the plan and devices chosen.
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These companies and programs offer discounts and benefits similar to Verizon’s Student Discount Program. Consider comparing the discounts on offer, eligibility requirements, and benefits that come with each program to determine the best fit for your needs.

Interesting facts

Here are some interesting facts about Verizon student discount:

  • Verizon student discount program offers eligible students a discount on phones and plans.
  • Students can get up to 10% off their monthly plan and $10 off select phones under the program.
  • Verizon student discount program is easy to apply for and can be renewed every year as long as eligibility requirements are still met.
  • Verizon student discount program applies to all individual plans with the exception of unlimited plans.
  • Verizon also offers a discount for teachers called Verizon Teacher Discount, which offers eligible teachers a discount on their personal Verizon plan and three additional lines. To learn about Verizon Teacher Discount, visit

Take advantage of these discounts and save money on your phone and plan costs as a student or teacher.


Who is eligible for Verizon student discount program?

Any student currently enrolled in a degree program at an accredited college or university in the US is eligible.

What discount can I get through Verizon student discount program?

You can get up to 10% off your monthly plan and $10 off select phones.

How do I apply for Verizon student discount program?

You can apply for the program by visiting a Verizon store or by submitting your details online.

What documents do I need to prove my eligibility?

You need to provide a copy of your student ID as well as a transcript or other proof of enrollment.

Can I use Verizon student discount program with unlimited plans?

No, the discount applies to all individual plans except for unlimited plans.

Can I renew my discount every year?

Yes, you can renew your discount every year as long as you are still eligible.

Can I combine Verizon student discount with other discounts?

It depends on the offer. Some discounts can be combined, while others cannot.

How long does it take to get approved for Verizon student discount program?

The approval process typically takes one to two billing cycles.

Can international students apply for Verizon student discount program?

No, only students enrolled in US colleges and universities are eligible.

Does Verizon offer teacher discounts as well?

Yes, Verizon offers a discount for eligible teachers called Verizon Teacher Discount. Visit to learn more.

Real experience

Jenna is a bright-eyed young woman who’s attending a prestigious university in the US. She’s always been a straight-A student and was excited to start her journey to becoming a doctor. Jenna’s parents were able to cover her tuition and living expenses, but she found out quickly that the cost of communication was eating into her budget. Her phone bill was the one expense she couldn’t dodge. Jenna was hesitant to give up her independence by asking her parents for extra funds, so she started looking for ways to cut costs. That’s when she heard about Verizon student discount program from a friend.

Jenna didn’t believe it was real at first, assuming there had to be catch or fine print, but she decided to investigate. She discovered that she was eligible for the discount as a student and that it would save her a hefty chunk of money that she could allocate elsewhere. Jenna got the process moving and, before she knew it, her application was approved. The discount meant she could get a better phone and plan while still having enough money to buy the textbooks and resources she needed for school.

Now, Jenna’s able to manage her life as a student effectively with extra money saved. She’s excited about her future and appreciates the help provided by Verizon student discount program, which made everything less strenuous.


Overall, Verizon’s Student Discount Program is an excellent opportunity for students to save on their phone plan and devices. Students who meet the eligibility criteria can apply for the discount, have it verified and applied to their account. To make the most out of the program, students should follow the tips we have discussed.

In addition to Verizon’s Student Discount Program, there are other discount programs available from carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile. Also, if you own a small business, you may consider applying for Verizon’s Business Discount Program. This program can help you save on your business’ phone and internet expenses. You can find more information on their website:

Remember to check the eligibility criteria, compare the discounts and benefits and choose the program that best suits your needs. With these programs, students and business owners alike can stay connected without breaking the bank.

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