Is Tap Dancing a Good Exercise? Discover the Benefits Here!


Tap dancing is a unique form of dance that involves the use of special shoes equipped with metal plates to create rhythmic sounds when striking a hard surface. While it is often thought of as a form of entertainment or art, it also offers many fitness benefits. In this article, we will explore the benefits of tap dancing as an exercise, provide tips for beginners, and suggest alternative exercises for those who may not enjoy tap dancing. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of whether tap dancing could be a good exercise for you to try.

Benefits of Tap Dancing as Exercise

Tap dancing can offer a wide range of fitness benefits, including:

  • Cardiovascular Health: Tap dancing is a form of aerobic exercise that can increase heart rate and improve cardiovascular health.
  • Improved Balance, Coordination, and Flexibility: The precise footwork and rhythmic patterns of tap dancing can improve balance, coordination, and flexibility.
  • Increases Muscle Strength and Endurance: The continually changing movements of tap dancing can help to strengthen and tone muscles in the legs, core, and upper body.
  • Improved Mental Health and Reduced Stress: Like many forms of exercise, tap dancing can help to reduce stress levels and improve overall mental well-being.

Tap dancing offers a unique and engaging way to improve your physical fitness while also offering creative and artistic expression. Thus, you should consider incorporating tap dancing into your fitness routine.

Tips for Beginning Tap Dancers

If you are new to tap dancing, here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Finding a class and instructor: Look for classes at community centers, dance schools, or gyms. Make sure to find an instructor with experience who can teach you the proper techniques and help you progress.
  2. Proper Shoes and Outfits: Invest in a good pair of tap shoes that fit well and are comfortable to wear. Wear clothing that allows you to move easily without being too loose or baggy.
  3. Stretching and Warming Up: Before starting any dance class, it is essential to stretch and warm-up properly, including your legs, hips, and ankles. It will reduce your risk of injury and get you ready physically and mentally.
  4. Practicing at Home: Practice the steps you learned in class at home as often as possible to help you retain the information and build muscle memory.

By following these tips, you will set yourself up for success and make the most out of your tap dancing experience!

Alternatives to Tap Dancing for Exercise

If tap dancing isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other exercises that can provide similar health benefits, including:

  • Aerobics classes: These classes build endurance through continuous movement and are great for cardiovascular health.
  • Zumba: Zumba incorporates dance and music, with the added benefit of strength training through resistance training.
  • Cycling classes: Cycling classes work the legs and core while also providing cardiovascular exercise.
  • Swimming: Swimming is a low-impact exercise that offers a full-body workout and is easy on joints.
  • Ballet: Although it may seem intimidating, ballet can offer an excellent workout for all ages and levels of experience. Check out is ballet hard to learn more about what to expect from ballet as a form of exercise.

There are many options out there, so find an exercise that you enjoy and that works for your body and lifestyle.

Interesting facts

– Tap dancing is a low-impact exercise, making it ideal for people of all ages and fitness levels.
– According to Harvard Medical School, tap dancing can burn up to 300 calories in just 30 minutes!
– Tap dancing engages the core muscles, which helps improve posture and stability.
– Unlike other forms of dance, tap dancing requires both mental and physical agility, making it a great way to boost brain power.
– For those who are worried about the difficulty of learning tap dancing, fear not! With practice and dedication, anyone can learn to tap dance and reap the benefits of this fun and energetic exercise.
– If you’re still not convinced, there are plenty of other musical hobbies that can be great for fitness, such as playing the trumpet. Check out this article Is Trumpet Hard to Learn? to learn more.


Is Tap Dancing a good form of exercise?

Yes, tap dancing is considered a great form of exercise that offers a variety of physical and mental health benefits.

What are the benefits of Tap Dancing?

Tap dancing can improve cardiovascular health, core stability, balance, coordination, and flexibility, while boosting mental health and reducing stress.

Do I need any special equipment to start Tap Dancing?

Yes, tap shoes are essential for tap dancing. They have metal taps on the heel and toe, which create sound when they hit the floor.

Can anyone learn to Tap Dance?

Yes, tap dancing can be learned at any age or fitness level. With time, dedication, and practice, anyone can become a good tap dancer.

How do I find a Tap Dance class near me?

You can check local dance schools, community centers, or gyms to find a Tap Dance class. You can also search online for nearby classes.

Is Tap Dancing only for professionals or performers?

No, Tap Dancing is suitable for anyone who wants to try a fun and exciting form of exercise.

How long does it take to learn to Tap Dance?

The time it takes to learn to tap dance can vary depending on your skill level, experience, and dedication. Generally, it takes several months to master basic steps and rhythms.

Can I Tap Dance at home without a teacher?

While it’s recommended to have a teacher guide you through learning Tap Dance, you can find online classes or tutorials that can help you learn in your own time.

Is Tap Dancing a suitable workout for older adults?

Yes, Tap Dancing is a low-impact exercise that can be modified to suit any fitness level, making it ideal for older adults.

What are some alternatives to Tap Dancing for exercise?

Aerobics classes, Zumba, and cycling classes can provide similar health benefits as tap dancing. You can also explore other dance forms like ballroom or jazz.

Real experience

Jasmine had always struggled to stay committed to a regular fitness routine. She had tried everything from running to yoga, but none of it really felt fun and rewarding enough to stick with. Then, one day, a friend invited her to join a Tap Dance class.

Jasmine was skeptical at first. She had never really thought of dance as a form of exercise. But something about the idea of making music with her feet and expressing herself through movement intrigued her. And so, despite her reservations, she decided to give it a try.

From the moment she laced up her Tap shoes and heard the metal on the floor, Jasmine was hooked. The rhythms and improvisation of Tap Dance made her feel alive and energized in a way she had never experienced before. It was challenging, but also incredibly fun. And best of all, she was seeing results quickly. She felt stronger, more flexible, and more confident in her body than ever before.

Jasmine began practicing at home and attending classes regularly. She loved the sense of community and encouragement from her fellow dancers. Even on days when she felt tired or unmotivated, she knew that stepping into the dance studio would lift her spirits and bring her joy.

Now, years later, Jasmine is still Tap Dancing regularly and reaping the benefits of this unique and exciting form of exercise. She couldn’t be happier that she took that leap of faith and tried something new. It may have been outside of her comfort zone, but it ended up transforming her mind, body, and soul.


Tap dancing can be a fun and unique way to improve your physical health and well-being. It offers a wide range of benefits, including cardiovascular health, muscle strength and endurance, improved balance and coordination, and reduced stress.

If you are interested in trying tap dancing, remember to find a class and instructor that will guide you through proper technique and form. Additionally, stretching and practicing at home and investing in a good pair of tap shoes can also help you make the most of your new exercise routine.

Finally, if you are interested in learning more about the history and evolution of tap dancing, check out The History and Evolution of Tap Dancing to learn about how this unique art form has roots in African and Irish dance traditions.

Remember, finding an exercise that you enjoy and that works for your body is the key to improving your overall health and happiness!

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